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Cars the size of those in your scalectrix when you were a kid, (at heart at least if you are an adult who still has a set), without the limitations and confines of that funny metal strip down the middle of the track.
Mini Z racing began in NI as an add on to the successful 1/10th touring car racing during the winter of 2000. The first cars to be raced were Formula 1 – 2wd long wheel based cars with superior grip over the touting cars. Initially run on a badmington court surface, grip was a tricky thing to find and with only 2wd, it really tested the driver’s skill!

We then found a new (and current) home at Loughmoss leisure centre in Carryduff. Thanks to Ron McKnight, the centre manager, we have enjoyed a warm welcome over the last 7 years. We now race 2wd Saloon cars on a low pile carpet. Grip isn’t a great problem here and a 6m x 6m track racing is fast & furious.

We run the main championship from Jan to July then take a break for a few weeks before starting the Autumn series Aug to Dec. The beauty of this form of racing is that it’s never subject to the unpredictable Northern Irish weather, it’s run pretty much all year round, it’s inexpensive (compared to most other classes of racing) and it improves you driving skill.

Just like the 1/10th racing, we have a full BBK timing system running the AMB personal transponders. This allows us to record lap times down to 100th sec and keep track of who’s FTQ!

The race pace can be so fast, that it would challenge the capabilities of even the most talented r/c driver, just try and do a trouble free 5 minute run. If you don’t believe me, look at the photo’s the camera cant pick up the cars they are moving that fast, even when cornering, and yet they are easy to drive and maintain, and can handle like a dream with very little work. The cars are easily tuned by changing tyres, springs, motors, etc

The only challenge we face is that you will probably have to buy your car from USA or Hong Kong. Not the biggest problem to overcome in this day & age of eBay? One of the most helpful seller is of Houston, Texas. They not only have a fantastic online shop but also fill their website with tips & tricks to get you ahead in club racing.

All the cars and parts are relatively inexpensive, and this leads to a cheap, yet competitive, one make race series, and should not be taken for granted, by even the most experienced r/c campaigners. The car’s feature interchangeable scale body shell’s and wheels, that would challenge die cast models for realism. The body shell’s range from full on race cars like GT Porsche 911′s, Corvette C5r’s, Honda NSX, Nissan Skyline GTR’s to road going Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Viper, VW Bettle, and Peugeot 206′s to mention just a few. We also have F1 category with Ferrari, Jordan, and McLaren.

Current prices for this type of virtually ready to run r/c cars can range from £70 to £80.

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